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University Physics has been revered for its emphasis on fundamental principles and how to apply them. Known for its clear and thorough narrative, as well as its uniquely broad, deep and thoughtful sets of
worked examples, University Physics provides students with key tools for developing both conceptual
understanding and problem-solving skills. This edition improves the defining features of the text while
adding new features, with a focus on visual learning, new problem types and pedagogy improvements
that are designed to create the best learning resource for physics students.
Features New and Enhanced Features
-More than 620 QR codes throughout the book allow students to use a mobile phone to watch an
interactive video of a physics instructor giving a relevant physics demonstration or a narrated and
animated worked example
-A research-based problem-solving approach Identify, Set Up, Execute, Evaluate used in every
example to teach students to tackle problems thoughtfully rather than cutting straight to the math
updated modern physics content includes sections on quantum measurement and quantum
entanglement, as well as recent data on the Higgs boson and cosmic background radiation
-Additional bioscience applications throughout the text, in the form of marginal photos with
explanatory captions
-Looking back at lists essential past concepts at the beginning of each chapter, for the students to
know what to master before digging into the current chapter
Table of Contents Chapter 1 Units, Physical Quantities and Vectors
Chapter 2 Motion Along a Straight Line
Chapter 3 Motion in Two or Three Dimensions
Chapter 4 Newton’s Laws of Motion
Chapter 5 Applying Newton’s Laws
Chapter 6 Work and Kinetic Energy
Chapter 7 Potential Energy and Energy Conservation
Chapter 8 Momentum, Impulse and Collision
Chapter 9 Rotation of Rigid Bodies
Chapter 10 Dynamics of Rotational Motion
Chapter 11 Equilibrium and Elasticity
Chapter 12 Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 13 Gravitation
Chapter 14 Periodic Motion
Chapter 15 Mechanical Waves
Chapter 16 Sound and Hearing
Chapter 17 Temperature and Heat
Chapter 18 Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 19 The First Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 20 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 21 Electric Charge and Electric Field
Chapter 22 Gauss’s Law
Chapter 23 Electric Potential
Chapter 24 Capacitance and Dielectrics
Chapter 25 Current, Resistance and Electromotive Force
Chapter 26 Direct-Current Circuits
Chapter 27 Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces
Chapter 28 Sources of Magnetic Field
Chapter 29 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 30 Inductance
Chapter 31 Alternating Current
Chapter 32 Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 33 The Nature and Propagation of Light
Chapter 34 Geometric Optics
Chapter 35 Interference
Chapter 36 Diffraction
Chapter 37 Relativity
Chapter 38 Photons: Light Waves Behaving as Particles
Chapter 39 Particles Behaving as Waves
Chapter 40 Quantum Mechanics I: Wave Functions
Chapter 41 Quantum Mechanics II: Atomic Structure
Chapter 42 Molecules and Condensed Matter
Chapter 43 Nuclear Physics
Chapter 44 Particle Physics and Cosmology.

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