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A Brief History of SI Units and CGPM

Nations which traded and exchanged scientific ideas with each other had started realizing the importance and necessity of standardisation of weights and measures which became much more apparent by the mid-eighteenth century. In 1790 France sent a proposal to Britain and the United States to establish a uniform measure of length based on the period of a pendulum. Since the time period of a pendulum depends on the acceleration of gravity which varies from place to place, it was necessary to fix a latitude for the definition. But the French proposal was rejected by both Britain and United States because […]

The Watt balance at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

New SI Units Revised in 2018 and Effective Since 20th May 2019

The latest major revision for SI units proposed by International Committee for Weights and Measures (commonly known as CIPM for its French name Comite international des poids et mesuress) was approved by voting of member states in the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures (commonly known as CGPM) held on November 16, 2018. It has now been decided that the SI would be based on the fixed numerical values of a set of seven defining constants from which the definitions of the seven base units of the SI would be deduced. New definitions of the SI Units come into […]

bodmas pemdas rule

BODMAS Rule – To Follow or To Avoid?

While writing a polynomial expression, the number of parentheses can vary from absolute minimum, like in , to extravagant many, like in And obviously, the polynomial with a minimum number of parentheses is easier to write as well as read. But when we write a polynomial with lesser number of parentheses, few assumptions get introduced into and we have to agree on these assumptions so that different people do not interpret the same equation in different ways. For example, when we write with least number of parentheses as , someone with deficient understanding may subtract from to write it as […]

what is zero devided by zero

What is value of Zero divided by Zero (0/0) – One, Zero, Infinite, Indeterminate, or Undefined?

It is not uncommon to see students getting confused on asking, “What is the value of zero divided by zero?” This is often because they have forgotten the actual definition and therefore apply their ‘common sense’ to deduce the result based on other facts they have learned or are aware of. If they happen to think that any number divided by itself is one, they may conclude that zero divided to zero should also be one. In other words, one may tend to think that since, for example, , , , so . If they happen to think that zero […]