A Brief History of SI Units
Published 3/21/2020 in Physics
Author qwerty
Nations which traded and exchanged scientific ideas with each other had started realising the importance and necessity of standardisation of weights and measures which became much more apparent by the mid-eighteenth century. In 1790 France sent a proposal to Britain and the United States to establish a uniform measure of... read more ❯
New SI Units Effective Since 20th May 2019
Published 3/22/2020 in Physics
Author qwerty
The latest major revision for SI units proposed by International Committee for Weights and Measures (commonly known as CIPM for its French name Comite international des poids et mesuress) was approved by voting of member states in the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures (commonly... read more ❯


BODMAS Rule - To Follow or To Avoid?
Published 4/22/2020 in Maths
Author qwerty
While writing a polynomial expression, the number of parentheses can vary from absolute minimum, like in , to extravagant many, like in And obviously, the polynomial with a minimum number of parentheses is easier to write as well as read. But when we write a polynomial with lesser number... read more ❯
What is value of Zero divided by Zero (0/0) - One, Zero, Infinite, Indeterminate, or Undefined?
Published 4/22/2020 in Maths
Author qwerty
It is not uncommon to see students getting confused on asking, "What is the value of zero divided by zero?" This is often because they have forgotten the actual definition and therefore apply their 'common sense' to deduce the result based on other facts they have learned or are aware... read more ❯
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